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About the Contact Centre Industry Awards

“The inception of the Contact Centre Awards in 2011 has seen industry professionals go all-out to improve their processes and systems, and just generally how they do business.  I believe not only to be a recipient of the most prestigious professional award, but out of a genuine commitment and dedication to being part of a movement to position our contact centre industry as a significant global player.  

We cannot begin achieve this global positioning if we do not bring our colleagues operating in the rest of Africa into the fold.  And so, I am excited to announce that this year we have extended the invitation to receive nominations from our colleagues and partners across the African Continent. 

The theme for this year’s conference and awards is AFRICA’S CALLING.  We believe it is a fitting overlay to market and promote our activities as we work towards putting the Continent of Africa firmly on the contact centre map.    

I am certain that we are going to receive applications which are going to challenge our thinking, lead to a few ‘aha’ moments, and encourage much conversation and positive debate.

We wish all applicants the very best!”


Hosted By The Professional Body of the South African Contact Centre Sector & The Employers Association of the South African Contact Centre Sector