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Prestigious Partnerships

The CCMG COVID WARRIOR Awards 2021 heralds the return of the most prestigious contact centre industry event of the year.

Building on the success of South Africa being recognized as the best offshore “Destination of Choice” in the world 2020/2021 we aim to celebrate the success and recognise excellence in our industry by rewarding individuals and organisations that have turned trials into triumph, pushed boundaries, and inspired others and by doing so emerged as the industry’s true contact centre heroes.

Given the current covid restrictions this year’s CCMG Awards will be hosted virtually however the event promises to deliver all the glitz, glamour and prominance synonymous with the annual industry event of the year.  The awards will allow for a larger number of attendees and will be accessible to many people ensuring an all-inclusive industry event that we can all be proud of both locally and internationally.

The Awards

Marketing and showcasing your company and its services to a specific audience has become increasingly difficult, especially considering the overload of information and messaging we are currently exposed to. By partnering with established organisations and aligning with respected industry leaders, your brand is sure to get the right exposure with a guaranteed return on investment.

CCMG has grown from strength to strength and has been integral to the growth of the contact centre industry as well as the enormous increase in professionalism in all sectors.

Sponsorship of the Industry Awards is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to achieve optimum visibility in a highly focused environment. You will also benefit immensely by the association of your organisation with that of industry trailblazers as well as the support of the Professional Body for the Industry.

Brand exposure to some of the most senior decision makers and influencers as well as the opportunity to be included in extensive media coverage together with our other elite sponsors are just some of the benefits that will guarantee your sponsorship investment success.

The CCMG 2021 Industry Awards cover 6 industry specific categories and each of them carries sponsorship opportunities.

We take our sponsors’ needs into account, so we tailor-make sponsorship packages to suit your needs.

The CCMG Awards Programme recognises the achievement of excellence within the South African Contact Centres.

The CCMG’s aim with the awards event is to show the alignment of the South African contact centre industry with connections to global excellence, expertise and standards.

We are going to recognise excellence in the industry and to reward individuals and organisations for their mammoth achievements.

Headline Sponsor

Category Sponsor

R 15 000

Marketing opportunities and benefits:

  • Social Media: Your Organisation banner will be used on all our Social Media Platforms.
  • Video Marketing: You are invited to show a video of 1 minute in duration that will be shown during the recognition of the sponsors at the event. This compilation of all sponsorship marketing recordings will be utilised on all our platforms for a period of 3 months. The recording is for your own cost and can be arranged by Core productions,
  • Event branding: Your Banner will be on display on both the Websites for the next 3 months.
  • Further event branding: Your corporate logo will be projected alongside the CCMG logo on the buffer slide, and in between awards.
  • Verbal recognition: The Sponsors will be thanked during the event by the MC /Voice Over.


  • Best Trainer in a Contact Centre
  • Best Inbound Contact Centre Agent
  • Best Outbound Contact Centre Agent
  • Best Team Leader
  • Best Contact Centre Manager in a Contact Centre
  • Best Contact Centre