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A. W. A. R. D.

A  – Authentically Articulate
W – Well
A – Accumulated
R – Results
D – Deserved

Entering these awards I encourage all contestants to follow my above mentioned self-made meaning of the word Award , all of us in our individual capacity have achieved differently in different areas of expertise however in these awards it’s all about how well one can Authentically Articulate what they have achieved and what that meant to them personally.

This reminds me of my story when I entered my first award in my working life back in early 2000 and we were asked to be innovative in our approach when submitting, I took all questions and answered them through a video sometimes even animating the response which was fun and funny. This impressed the judges at many levels but their main feedback was this to me when handing over the awards “this really meant a lot for you and we know that because you really took time to think out of the box and made an effort to illustrate how and why you are the best in this category, and for that we thank you”

So it’s in my personal example provided above that I would like to encourage all entering these awards to be as passionate and thorough in your submission as we can tell by reading the submissions the quality and thought process that have gone into the submissions.

All the best!

Be the best you can be…

Michael Kgwadi