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2018 Contact Centre Awards

BPESA recently issued a public notice to their stakeholders advising that they have decided to only collaborate with the CCMG as the Professional Body and have made the decision to withdraw from the 2018 Contact Centre Awards as a co-host. Although we respect the decision it is obviously not ideal however given the fantastic response to the launch of the awards and the sheer number of entries we have decided to continue with the 2018 industry awards and look forward to recognising and celebrating the best of the best that our industry has to offer.

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A. W. A. R. D.

A  – Authentically Articulate
W – Well
A – Accumulated
R – Results
D – Deserved

Entering these awards I encourage all contestants to follow my above mentioned self-made meaning of the word Award , all of us in our individual capacity have achieved differently in different areas of expertise however in these awards it’s all about how well one can Authentically Articulate what they have achieved and what that meant to them personally.

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Michael Kgwadi

Michael has over 12 years of Collections experience  within the Banking and Retail markets across Africa. His experience started with humble beginnings as a collections agent in 2005 and he worked his way up the corporate ladder, this was achieved through hard work, perseverance and dedication.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Entering an award could be compared to ‘Storytelling’. The story you are conveying in the award entry is your story, your personal account of the work you do exceptionally well! Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age, but there’s a difference between good storytelling and ‘great’ Jedi master storytelling.

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Adam Walker

Adam has over 16 years of experience within learning & development and the contact centre industry. He started his contact centre career in 2002 as an Advisor for Virgin Mobile UK. He quickly moved up the ranks and became CITP certified within Virgin Mobile taking ownership of designing and delivering a variety a training programmes and courses.

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Melanie Hagan

Head of Operations at CCI South Africa (for TalkTalk Sales & Loyalty)

Melanie has over 20 years operational experience in the contact centre industry, both locally and internationally, across diverse BPO industries, products, channels and services.

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Do. Or Do Not. There is no try

As you all frantically put pen to paper and work on your submissions, it reminds me of  a time 14 years ago when I too submitted my entry.  I learnt so much as I went through the process, and I know you will too. 

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Annie Padayachee

Starting off her career in 2001, as a call centre consultant in the banking industry, Annie moved into leadership roles within the financial services sector and insurance business, before moving into retail solutions.

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Mushfiq Hopkins

Mushfiq Hopkins is a seasoned Contact Centre Professional with 20 years’ experience and exposure to the industry at large. A national adjudicator at the prestigious South African Contact Centre Awards for the last four years.

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