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Rise to the challenge

It’s time to consider entering this year’s awards and to inspire you to rise to the challenge hear from previous winners how they feel.

It’s here and it is more exciting than ever – click here to enter.

Call for Judges for the 2020 Awards

Core to the success of this initiative is a panel of enthusiastic, competent and passionate judges who are able to provide insight and create value in both the content of the online categories and assist with the interviews to find the winners. Judges are required to:

  • Participate in the reviewing and drafting of the current and new individual and company categories which requires experience, subject matter expertise and diligence
  • Provide the time required to complete the first round of judging which is generally intense, requires time, sacrifice and the ability to work under immense pressure and tight timelines
  • Conduct face to face interviews and possible site visits which will require you to be in control of your own time and diary, be flexible and adaptable to change and have the ability and capacity to travel
  • Be available to finalists and entrants during and after the event to answer questions and provide feedback
  • Provide articles and material which can be used online, in all social media channels, in the newsletters and at events prior to and after the event
  • Attend the functions including the launch events and the awards evening

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a judge on this very prestigious stage and wish to participate we would like you to please respond to this email with the following:

Apply here:

The executive board will review all nominations and successful candidates will be notified in writing by the convening judge who will be responsible to co-ordinate all activities to ensure a successful 2020 industry awards.

We encourage your participation and look forward to hearing from you.