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Five reasons why you should enter the Contact Centre Awards

The CCMG Contact Centre Industry Awards recognises companies of excellence doing brilliant things with customer service, sales and collections.

So why should you enter? Here are five reasons.

  1. A confidence booster
    We all need recognition, especially if your company delivers a service of substance. It builds on your personal morale and that of your peers. It shows you are confident and proud of what you do daily – making a difference in the lives of others, even if it is in some small way.
  2. Yardstick/measurement
    The objective opinion of industry experts is something everyone should cherish. Allowing yourself the opportunity to compare your skillset with peers in the industry is a brave step in the right direction. You also gain perspective as you reflect on your own performance and your company’s over the last twelve months.
  3. Promotion /career move
    Everyone loves to be associated with the finalists and more so the winners. By simply making it to the face to face interviews, you gain instant recognition and that in itself is an achievement to be proud of. When you enter your company for an award, it gives your team a great sense of pride and recognition as well.
  4. Access to great networking
    Throughout the awards process you are bound to meet other industry professionals and gain the opportunity to learn from them too. Generally, people love to impart knowledge. Collectively, we are able to access valuable learnings from each other’s experiences.
  5. Crowned as the winner
    What better feeling can there be than saying, “I am number ONE in my category at the annual awards?”  The awards evening is the gala event attended by the heavy weights in the industry. Truly, a night to remember.

Mushfiq Hopkins