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Hmmm, a Jedi master, you are! It’s time to show the industry.

So, you’ve made the choice to enter into a category or two of this prestigious industry awards. Great on you for taking this step! My esteemed colleagues and I will be reviewing submissions.

Each of us, understand the contact centre space and are experts in our field. Hence, there is no need to over-simplify any technical language you may use in your submission. However, please give us enough information to add factual context to your detail. Remember, only you know your full story and need to elaborate on this. Making time to think through what you want to express always makes the process easier and brings out authenticity in your writing.

The questions posed for each entry ensure that we get a full overview of the scenario. These may become tiresome to answer in one go, so do take as much time as you need and avoid rushing through your answers. You may prefer to discuss your input with your peers or a mentor and consider their view.

Once you have noted down all you wish to express, the trick is to review. Review that you’ve carefully described and demonstrated your full story. Please feel free to add supporting information, where applicable.

“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way” – Star Wars

 May the force be with you!

Annie Padayachee