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Introducing the 2018 Industry Awards

Prestigious Partnerships

Building on the success of the last six years, we aim to, once again, recognize excellence in our industry by rewarding individuals and organisations that have pushed boundaries, achieved immense growth and inspired others. Just like Yoda told Luke at the start of their relationship “You must unlearn what you have learned.” And that is exactly what these extraordinary individuals and organisations have accomplished. The 2018 Industry Awards will surpass expectation and is sure to attract the industry leaders and evoke pride for our industry both locally and internationally.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Marketing and showcasing your company and its services to a specific audience has become increasingly difficult, especially considering the overload of information and messaging we are exposed to daily, as Qui-Gon Jinn tells Anakin “Your focus determines your reality” by partnering with established organisations and aligning with respected industry leaders, your brand is sure to get the right exposure with a guaranteed return on investment.

The CCMG has grown from strength to strength and has been integral to the growth of the contact centre industry as well as the enormous increase in professionalism in all sectors. Just like Yoda said: “always in motion the future is”

Sponsorship of our Awards is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to achieve optimum visibility in a highly focused environment.  You will also benefit immensely by the association of your organisation with that of industry trailblazers.

Brand exposure to some of the most senior decision makers and influencers as well as the opportunity to be included in extensive media coverage together with our other elite sponsors are just some of the benefits that will guarantee your sponsorship investment success.

The 2018 Industry Awards cover 20 industry specific categories and each of them carries sponsorship opportunities.

We take our sponsors’ needs into account, so we tailor-make sponsorship packages to suit your needs.

The CCMG Awards Programme recognises the achievement of excellence within South African Contact Centres.

The awards are open for nominations from end March and close in June. The shortlist is announced in July with the final judging taking place in July and August, “may the force be with you” This year’s Star Wars themed Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony is set to welcome approximately 550 guests and takes place on the 29th of September.  After the success of the 2017 awards event this one is expected to be yet another sell out.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with a brief overview of what the we can do for you and detail all the benefits that can be afforded to you should you choose to take this excellent opportunity to become a valued sponsor.

The CCMG’s aim with the banquet “Prestigious Partnerships” is to show the alignment of the South African contact centre industry with connections to global excellence, expertise and standards.

As the Professional Body of the South African Contact Centre Industry, The CCMG’s mission is to be the sought after leaders and an authoritative credible professional body, by providing all new and existing industry players with expert, independent advice and corporate services which will assist South African contact centres to compete globally. As Yoda says: “a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack”

The aim of the banquet is to recognise excellence in the industry and to reward individuals and organisations for their mammoth achievements.  I encourage you to take Shmi Skywalker advise when she tells her son Anakin as he embarks on a journey that will change his life “Now, be brave and don’t look back. Don’t look back.”

Banquet Headline Sponsor: R 450 000.00 (excluding VAT)

The annual CCMG banquet is considered the most prestigious industry event of the year and it is at this forum where we recognise the best of the best and attract a formidable audience. This is the perfect opportunity for a company to promote itself and at the same time commit their support to the industry.

Marketing opportunities and benefits:

  • Welcome: A representative from your company has the opportunity to open the Awards, providing a 5-minute welcome on behalf of your company on the stage.
  • Complimentary places: 2 x Tables of 10 at the Awards 20 seats (prime position).
  • Awards literature branding: Your corporate logo will be prominently displayed on all marketing and communication literature linked to the awards.  Regular communication will be distributed to the database over the 10 months March – December 2015.
  • Marketing to our database:  As a sponsor you are entitled to 2 e-mails that will be sent to our database: this is currently one of the most comprehensive lists of the contact centre industry in South Africa. You are required to supply the e-mail in HTML format. This is available to you over a period of 12 months.
  • Marketing to the industry:  As a sponsor you are entitled to 6 articles on our website to educate the industry (one every 2nd month), plus 6 articles in our newsletter, which is sent monthly to our extensive database.
  • Press coverage: Your organisation quoted in all press releases issued by CCMG for the awards as the Event Sponsor. This includes online releases.
  • Further event branding: Your corporate logo will be projected alongside the CCMG logo on the buffer slide, in between awards, and your company banner used as a back drop for the official awards photographs.
  • Event programme: Your corporate logo will also be prominently displayed on the front inside cover of the event programme as the main sponsor with the words “Headline Sponsor.”
  • Banner advertising for the year in the newsletters and on the website
  • Video advertising:  The flighting of an advert to promote your company on the evening of the banquet (3 minutes). The sponsor is responsible for the production of the video.
  • Verbal recognition: The Sponsors will be thanked during the banquet by the MC /Voice Over
  • Recognition as a partner of the CCMG with listings and links on the CCMG website for 10 months.
  • International exposure:  The CCMG is affiliated to associations around the world, therefore providing a degree of international exposure to all sponsors.
  • Decor: An opportunity to work with the CCMG to align the corporate branding to that of the interior of the event. Table Decorations and lighting corporate colour.
  • Speaking Slots, you will be able to represent you company in a speaking slot at each of the 3 conferences being held in 2018.