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Jacques Jonker

Jacques Jonker is the Head of Contact Centres at Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator. An influential and high performance Senior Level Executive, with 19 years’ experience in Contact Centre Operations, 16 years of which at leadership level. He is an expert in driving operational and optimisation strategies in a customer-centric culture at all levels of top ranked organisations. He offers a portfolio of constant career growth and promotion that reflects the ability to motivate teams and significantly improve network relationships.

Jacques steers strategic approaches to business development, industry networking and optimal client satisfaction. He proved himself a leading professional on creating viable solutions for operational and customer experience platforms that effectively address organisational needs and targets. Recently, Jacques has been involved in re-aligning a contact centre platform within Harambee to accommodate the accelerated demand for “pathwaying” unemployed youth through a multi-channel platform that promotes a fresh experience and trusted relationships.

Jacques furthermore enforces innovative business decisions and enables growth and financial efficiency through well-defined corporate and customer strategy development to maximise acquisition, retention and efficiencies.

Jacques holds various leadership development certificates from GIBS Business School and Cranfield University (UK).

Summarised Contact Centre Career History:

1999 – 2000: Employed at Sykes Enterprises as a data capture agent, customer care agent and 2ic team leader

2000 – 2010: Employed at Nedbank as a call traffic controller, facilities manager, campaign coordinator, national retention manager, home loans application processing team manager, national MI and rates senior manager

2010 – 2016: Employed at Innovation Group as a compliance and process manager, senior manager operations, assistant executive (operations), assistant executive (optimization and projects)

2016 – 2018: Self Employed / Jacques Jonker Consulting Services as an independent consultant (People, Process and Technology Optimization), head of contact centres: Harambee


I have close to 20 years of contact centre experience at various levels and functions. In the last 8 years my function become more focused on advisory and leading outputs. For the last two years I was very fortunate to work across different companies, industries and functions in a consultancy role. My people, technical and process optimisation approach were relied on to help drive value driven solutions. I have been involved in multiple projects with industry experts like Rod Jones, Roz Broom, Evan Jones and Andy Searle. Organisations such as Pivotal Data, Zialab and BPESA made use of operational, technology and analytic insights with various projects. A have a passion to become more involved on an industry learning and support level to promote contact centres as a career for young people, customer experience enabling business within organisations and a world class foreign investor attracting industry.