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Michael Kgwadi

Michael has over 12 years of Collections experience  within the Banking and Retail markets across Africa. His experience started with humble beginnings as a collections agent in 2005 and he worked his way up the corporate ladder, this was achieved through hard work, perseverance and dedication.

Michael more recently worked in Africa turning things around in Barclays Bank Botswana where he was the Director: Collections.  As a young black Executive, Michael is passionate about becoming a leader in the collections/contact centre field/industry.

Michael Moved back to South African in 2015 to take up a new opportunity in Retial “ Woolworths Financial Services” after spending 10 Years in Banking, this was an opportunity to expand his knowledge in the collections/ contact centre space and this has been nothing short of learning and amazing growth in his new venture. Michael currently looks after Collections for Woolworths financial services and in his 3rd year he is enjoying working for such a great brand with great people, this opportunity has also created an opportunity for Michael to implement and pilot what he has learnt in banking within the retail space and has thus far worked very well and produced magnificent result and a highly motivated workforce.

Michael has grown and became passionate with leadership with the aim of making others prosper and develop people to achieve their personal ambitions in life and have a bigger purpose of existence similar to how he was inspired and motivated by his leaders to have ambitions