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Experts in the Industry

Who are the Judges?

The CCMG National Contact Centre Awards are unique in that all of our judges are people who work full time in our industry. Every judge has a deep understanding of how contact centres operate; they know that life isn’t simple and that working in a contact centre brings its own unique challenges. They know what good looks like and they can spot talent when they see it.

Convening Judge

We have a small team of Head Judges to ensure the integrity of the programme is maintained, ensuring the categories accurately represent the industry and that winners are selected fairly and via a robust judging process.

Our Convening Judge is an experienced contact centre leader that has extensive experience in judging contact centre industry awards for the past 9 years.

What is the judging process?

Naturally, some people are nervous about going through a judging process.

Stage 1: Shortlisting

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and shortlisted against the judging criteria. We will advise the within four weeks of the closing        Date.

Stage 2: Interviews

The format for this stage in the process varies depending on the category that you are being judged against.

Finalists in the Individual categories will have a face-to-face interview using a virtual platform.

All Team Finalists will have a thirty minutes  face-to-face interview using a virtual     Platform This is an opportunity to share what you do and what you have delivered. The judges will ensure that they ask questions to be able to assess your nomination against the set criteria fairly.

Team and Organisation category finalists (excluding Contact Centre of the Year or Best Contact Centre Culture) will be invited to attend a virtual panel judging session. Each judging session lasts no more than one hour and will cover:

  • Introduction to the judges
  • A short presentation of why you think you should win the category you have been short-listed for
  • Question and answer session.