2019 Contact Centre Industry Awards

At the heart of what makes our continent unique and beautiful is the collective heartbeat of its occupants and a legacy of triumph and tenacity and above all a desire to achieve and excel.

Welcome to the 2019 industry awards, the pinnacle event of the year where we seek to find and celebrate the best of the best. Once again we are on a mission to continuously improve the platform, process and technology used to identify and select the top performers in the contact centre industry.

As our Contact Centre industry evolves, we naturally arrive at a crossroad in our path where we have to make important decisions. Do we continue on the same path as before, or do we take a road less known, but one that will take us to recognition and "alpha" status on the African continent? The professional body has chosen the latter and has dedicated the following years to expanding its reach beyond South Africa, forging partnerships and collaborations with other Contact Centre hubs all over the African continent.

To celebrate this strategic expansion we have dedicated 2019 to the theme of AFRICA RISING – rising as a continent, as a people and certainly as a Contact Centre powerhouse. Africa has so much potential! It is home to several influential forces and it is time to make the Contact Centre Industry one of them. We have the mental and moral strength to face difficulties and challenges and to rise above them. We have the people, the technology and the knowledge to excel in tough competition. Our firmness of purpose is unquestionable as we progress onto international markets.

Call for Judges

Core to the success of this initiative is a panel of enthusiastic, competent and passionate judges who are able to provide insight and create value in both the content of the online categories and assist with the interviews to find the winners.

Contact Centre Conference 2019