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Industry Recognition

Why Enter the Awards?

Recognise a significant year of achievement

If the last 12 months have been a year of key milestones and deliverables, then take this opportunity to celebrate those achievements. Give your people the recognition that they deserve to ensure that they feel valued.

Raise your teams profile

Use these awards to let other departments in your organisation know how good your contact centre people really are.

Benchmark your people/teams

Entering the awards will help you benchmark against others in your category. By entering, you will be able to gauge how your contact centre people and teams compare against the very best.


We work in a fast changing, busy industry and achievements are easy to overlook. Reflecting on your key achievements allows you to pause and consider what (and who) contributed to your success and to recognise those individuals.

Engage your employees

Winning awards has a very positive impact on a team’s morale and can improve employee engagement. In our experience, being nominated for a national award is a significant achievement and demonstrates that you value their contribution.

Attract new employees

People want to work for an organisation that is successful and people focused. Being shortlisted for a National Award can help you attract the best new employees. People are drawn to award-winning businesses because they want to work for a reputable company.