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Best Impact Sourcing Provider

This award celebrates organisations for embracing Impact Sourcing. Successful contenders will be able to demonstrate how they hire excluded groups. While Impact sourcing communicates the positive impact on its employees and local community, teams also needs to display how they have enhance the industry by using Impact Sourcing as a management tool. Organisations who have embraced impact sourcing demonstrate real ROI by measuring things such as employee turnover, job satisfaction, absenteeism improvement; employee performance against company targets and show innovate and systemic people models which support impact sourcing as a sustainable way of doing good business.

Background: What is Impact Sourcing

Impact sourcing, also known as socially responsible outsourcing, refers to an arm of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry that employs people at the base of the pyramid as workers. It is defined as employing socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals as principle and sustainable workers in business process outsourcing centers to provide high-quality, information-based services to domestic and international clients. The traditional BPO sector is typically associated with high-end, high-contact functions like call centers, which require significant levels of education and language literacy. The impact sourcing sector focuses on utilizing workers from excluded communities to perform functions. Traditionally functions with lower and moderate skill requirements were earmarked, however huge successes over the last couple of years were proven by employing workers to complex skill functions.